May 18 to 21, 2020



Since 2015, APAS Show supports the Sou Resíduo Zero (I Am Zero Waste) campaign, which aims at smart management of all its wastes proceeding from the mounting, execution and dismantling. The objective of the campaign is to deviate the largest possible quantity of materials from the sanitary landfill and to incorporate them anew in the productive chain. This process counts on more than 50 people involved in separation of materials, which are classified into 12 typologies.

Even organic wastes are reutilized and destined for composting, action that is started at the fair itself. After a few weeks, these organic wastes are transformed into plant fertilizer.

APAS SHOW believes that good waste management does not depend only on the time of separation of materials. With the objective of constantly improving the achieved results, the campaign is concerned with engaging all exhibitors, assemblers and cleaning staff, besides the use of communication channels to engage the visitors.





Aware of the environmental impacts proceeding from a fair and considering that the greenhouse gas emissions are one of the main causes of global warming and climatic changes, APAS SHOW also quantifies and compensates all CO2 emissions of the event, receiving the Neutral Event Seal. The las three editions neutralized more than 200 tons of CO2 through financial support to Brazilian environmental projects (carbon credits).