May 6 to 9, 2019

Management Congress

During the APAS Show the International Management Congress takes place as well.

Produced by APAS - Sao Paulo State Supermarket Association, in partnership with FGV-EAESP's Gvcev - Center for Retail Excellence, this event constitutes a unique opportunity for getting in touch with the most current trends from the sector. For the year 2019, we've chosen the SuperHack topic - Hacking the Supermarket, which shall direct all lectures. With such proposition we shall unite industry, retail and supermarkets so that we may jointly discuss the trends and solutions which may constitute the future of such professional category. We shall provide inspiration for participants to rethink and reinvent the way by which the supermarket sector works.

The lecture chart for the congress shall be advertised soon.

Prof. Juracy Parente

Founding Partner of Parente - Varejo & Pesquisa, working on:

  • Retail companies’ CEO and Advisory Board Mentoring; Commercial Area Advisor; guiding researches for retailer’s Expanding Strategies; courses, Training and Projects of Category Management and Continuous Improvement and Wasting Elimination in retail businesses.
  • FGV-EAESP - Professor of Retail and Marketing in the Undergraduate, Master’s and PH.D programs; Visiting Professor at Cornell University and University of Florida;
  • Author of many books and articles on Retail and Consumer Behavior; MBA from Cornell University and PH.D from University of London. Founder of the Center of Excellence in Retail of FGV-EAESP.
  • Pão de Açúcar Group - 15 years as general manager at Santos Diniz Consultoria de Marketing and at the Group’s Marketing Administration Department, responsible for managing Price, Margin and Product Mix for all banners, and Expansion and Sales Forecast for new stores.

Olegário Araújo

  • Retail expert acting in the supermarket, drugstore and wholesale sectors, whose professional history has always been related to analyzing information and strategic and tactical decision-makin
  • A researcher with FGV’s GVcev
  • Founding Member of Intelligence360
  • Also member of Abmapro’s Marketing Committee
  • Currently joins APAS Show 2018’s committee through FGV’s GVcev
  • He is a lecturer and of event moderator as well.